From the President's Desk: Suspending the Vaccination Directive and CampusReady program

Effective February 28, the U of A will suspend its Vaccination Directive.


Last week, I confirmed that the University of Alberta will return to in-person courses on Monday, February 28, as planned. I also shared details of our plans for a safe return to campus, including continued masking.

We have been remarkably successful in securing a high vaccination rate among all members of the university community. Thanks to the actions of students, faculty and staff, our Vaccination Directive has worked. More than 97% of students stepped up to protect themselves, our community and our health system by being fully vaccinated this semester. Our faculty and staff also worked hard to support the community, with 99.96% complying with the directive.

Vaccinations provide the best possible protection against COVID-19. Given the high rate of vaccination within the university community, we know we can safely return to campus as of February 28. The vaccination directive served its purpose. As a result, the U of A will suspend its Vaccination Directive on February 28. This change aligns with the policy adopted at other post-secondary institutions including the University of Calgary.

When many of us return in-person on February 28, CampusReady passes, and proof of vaccination will no longer be required on campuses or to access services or events. Personal health checks will replace CampusReady checks for events and facility access across our campuses. Students and employees are expected to continue to stay home when unwell to take care of themselves and others. In future, we will respond quickly to put in place any new or reinstated restrictions if required. If the provincial work-from-home order is lifted on March 1, the remaining staff will return to campus in a phased approach.

Masks will continue to be required across all U of A campuses until the end of the Winter 2022 semester. At that time, we will reevaluate this measure to ensure that community safety is supported and we’re aligning appropriately with any remaining public health guidelines. 

Students, please watch your inboxes for a special edition of the YouAlberta newsletter on Tuesday, February 22, which will include resources and stories to help you prepare for your Return to Campus. Employees should reach out to their HR Service Partner or the Staff Service Centre if they have questions. 

Enjoy the long weekend and Reading Week. I'm looking forward to seeing those of you returning to campus on February 28.

Bill Flanagan
President and Vice-chancellor