Wirth Alumni Network

Wirth Alumni Network


The Wirth Alumni Network recognizes the need for the development of an active and responsive networking organization among its Central European scholars. The goals and mandate of the network will be to facilitate research cooperation and exchange among its scholars, and to establish itself as the Central European hub for academic and scholarly activities between Canada and Central Europe.


All Wirth Doctoral Research Fellows shall automatically become Alumni Network members upon completion of their study period at the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies. Associate membership for non-doctoral student groups, such as post-docs, visiting researchers and academics, shall be granted by request, with approval of the Executive Committee (Board). The Executive Committee shall determine the criteria for extending associate membership to non-core members, and communicate these criteria to the network members. Depending on circumstances and need such criteria will be periodically reviewed and amended as necessary.

Terms of Membership

Memberships are considered lifetime, except in the Associate Membership status, where membership may be limited to a specific time-period due to some particular circumstances, or necessity. Such decisions will be made at the Executive Committee level, and if necessary, can be appealed to the membership as a whole during the biennial meeting of the network.


Statutes of the Association

Executive Board



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