Pasko Bilic

Paško Bilić

Paško Bilić, Croatian Research AssistantResearch Assistant at the Department for Culture and Communication, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb
PhD Candidate at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

Pasko Bilic
As a research assistant at the Institute for International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia, regional and central European perspective is highly important for me. Having graduated from sociology and history I came to realize early on that central European countries share a close history, but also contemporary cultural, political and economic ties. Half way through the doctoral research fellowship, I can say that the Wirth Institute has strengthened that necessary point of view in an interdisciplinary environment. The scholarship provided me with personal and professional connections with young and senior researchers and colleagues, who are either from these countries themselves, or who have direct interest in this part of the world. It also, most importantly, gave me precious time and focus for my doctoral dissertation work, as well as the opportunity to integrate my research results and previous research endeavours. As part of the University of Alberta it also enabled me to cooperate with and present my work at various departments tied closely to my research interests. Among them, especially the Communications and Technology program where I was invited to hold a webinar and where I am currently organizing a course with the director of the program. Besides the possibility of cooperating with the University of Alberta, being in Canada, and North America in general, gives me a unique opportunity to apply for various conferences and events organized across the country and the continent.


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