Carl-Johannes Rokitansky

Carl-Johannes Rokitansky

Carl-Johannes Rokitansky, PhD Candidate the University of Innsbruck, Austria
Carl-Johannes Rokitansky
After graduating in German literature, I started my PhD program at the University of Innsbruck. Since 2011 I give introductory classes for future teachers. Teaching at University and working with students was a brand new experience for me and I am enjoying it very much. It offers the chance to see my subject from a different point of view.

After finishing my diploma thesis in which I concentrated on Jean Baudrillard's simulation model and the integration of it in Wolfgang Hilbig's novel Ich, I first wanted to examine the outcomes by comparing other novels in regard to Baudrillard's model. But I decided to start something different. In my dissertation project I now concentrate on 'Weltflucht' (escapism) in artist novels. As a result of the change in society at the end of the 18th century, the modern artist becomes an outcast of society. He is often lonesome and in danger of seeking refuge in other personalities like Oscar Matzerath in Grass' Blechtrommel or Stiller in Frisch's novel of the same name. Alcoholism also often is a form of escapism when there is talk of artists in novels. Remarkable is that 'Weltflucht' almost always is linked to a change of location. In my dissertation I want to compare different novels under this point of view to work out similarities as well as differences. As theoretical background I chose Pierre Bourdieu's Die Regeln der Kunst which ensures the comparison with the contemporary situation.

Coming to Edmonton as a research fellow of the Wirth institute is a unique chance for me to get in contact with interesting people in international surroundings. It is also a chance for exchanging ideas and experiences. I am curious about Canada with its people and life and its culture.


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