Noemi Nagy

Noémi Nagy

Noémi Nagy, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law, University of Pécs, Hungary
Noemi Nagy
Noemi NagyI graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Pécs in 2009, and started my doctoral studies in 2010. I joined the Research Centre for Multilingualism, Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the same year where I plan to return after my one-year stay in Edmonton, the University of Alberta. My research interests lie in the field of language rights and minority protection. More precisely, my doctoral thesis will include the analysis of the linguistic legislation and language policy of certain European states from the beginning to the present. In addition to this historical-evaluative approach, European states will be compared with each other in the broader context of international and European Union law on language rights, as well. The Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Wirth Institute offers an excellent opportunity to broaden this comparative framework by examining language rights in Canada. My ultimate goal is to propose de lege ferenda recommendations on the standards of a just and rightful linguistic legislation which could contribute to the alleviation of majority-minority conflicts and the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups.


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