Jakub Zarzycki

Jakub Zarzycki

Jakub Zarzycki, PhD Candidate at The Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences, University of Wrocław, Poland and The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (co-tutela programme)
Jakub Zarzycki
I am an art historian, Polish philologist, curator and critic of contemporary art.

From 2007 to 2012 I studied history of art and Polish philology at the University of Wrocław and University of Turin (Italy).

Since October 2012 I am PhD Candidate at The Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences, University of Wrocław, University of Wrocław, Poland. Since October 2014 I am also PhD Candidate and The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (co-tutela programme).

I was a co-founder and coordinator of several scientific workshops and activities in the Institute of Art History of University of Wrocław. I was also the Vice President of Wrocław's Foundation of Art History Students (2012 -2014), where I organised several public lectures, workshops, festivals and debates. From 2013-2014 I was the Vice President of PhD Candidates Council at University of Wrocław.

In October 2014 - March 2015 I received the Bronisław-Geremek-Scholarship for for my individual research project in Imre-Kertesz-Kolleg (Jena) entitled Post-colonialism (?) and Polish visual culture in period 1861-1918. In June-July 2014 I received the Fritz-Stern-Stipendium for my individual research project in Berlin entitled Polish and German painters in Italy in period 1861-1918. Comparative studies.

I also worked as a curator of contemporary art. I curated a several exhibitions of contemporary painting in "Arttrakt" Contemporary Art Gallery in Wrocław and international photographic projects presented in public sphere in Wrocław and Turin. My critical texts were published in "Odra" and "Obieg".

My PhD thesis, entitled L'Italia immaginata. Italy and Italians in Polish visual culture from 1861-1914, is the first attempt at description and interpretation of the role and impact the Italian culture had on the Polish visual culture of this period.

This project is based on a collection of works of visual culture from 1861-1914 by Polish artists such as: Henryk Siemiradzki, Adam Chmielowski, Jan Stanisławski,Aleksander Gierymski, Feliks Jabłczyński, Edward Okuń, and Wojciech Weiss. They represent various artistic styles (e.g. academism, impressionism, realism, symbolism) while sharing Italian inspiration. To determine the importance of Italy for Polish artists and Polish culture of the period, I subject them to critical analysis which allows me to recognize four artistic approaches: 1) Italian monuments as an aesthetical and artistic inspiration; 2) Italian scenery as an inspiration; 3) Italy as an emanation of ancient values driving artists; 4) Italy as an artistic refuge, where the talent can be fully realized.

In addition to art history methods I draw heavily from the experience of comparative literature. I also take account of source materials, such as contemporary art criticism, diaries, and letters written by the artists. To date there were no comprehensive studies with a similar scope.

My results pertaining to Polish artistic reception of Italy from 1861-1914 may become basis for further studies on Italian influence on the Central and Eastern European culture in late 19th and early 20th century.

More information and papers (available to download):

During my stay in Edmonton, Karolina Dzimira-Zarzycka and I will have a special radio program in Polish broadcast every Sunday after 7:00 PM on Polish Radio Edmonton.

"Visiting the Studio" will showcase the most important Polish artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Each episode includes a discussion of one artist's biography and an interpretation of one of his/her works.
All of the episodes and more information is available here:



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