Cezary Gajewiski

Dr. Cezary Gajewski - Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Art & Design

MFA Sculpture, University of Alberta, 1998; MDes Industrial Design, University of Alberta, 2003; Ph.D.University of Alberta Heritage Medical Research Centre 2017

Cezary is Chair of the Department of Art and Design as well as an Associate Professor in Industrial Design. He is interested in computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and their capabilities in enhancing and altering the design process for the modern designer. Entwining technological and traditional methodologies throughout the design process, he emphasizes the designers' central role from sketch to prototype. Using the most innovative computer programs and technology available, Cezary aims to seamlessly integrate hardware and software components of human-computer interaction systems.

Due to his emphasis on human-centered design and his comprehensive understanding of form in 3-dimensions, he is able to take what can be a very complex problem and provide product design solutions based on a thorough understanding of the user's abilities, hopes, and expectations. Through his designs, he strives to create products that are grounded, innovative and intuitive. Cezary's recent projects include Industrial Design for the ViCCi I (Virtual Customer Care Interface) and ViCCi II digital way-finding systems and N-Zone network gaming for Alberta's hi-tech industry. In addition to these, he has provided Industrial Design and exterior graphics on a new, interactive learning tool for Alberta Students that will be featured in the Canola Bioproducts exhibit for the Science Alberta Foundation. Cezary teaches classes in industrial design methodologies, product design and Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID).

Email: gajewski@ualberta.ca 

Website: https://www.ualberta.ca/art-design/people/teachingfaculty/cezary-gajewski.html