Joseph F. Patrouch

Dr. Joseph F. Patrouch - Department of History, Classics, and Religion

Joseph F. Patrouch

Joseph F. Patrouch is a Professor in the Department of History, Classics, and Religion at the University of Alberta where he teaches courses on the histories of the Habsburg Dynasty, the Holy Roman Empire, and Vienna as well as broader courses on Early Modern European history, comparative Early Modern Empires, and Comparative Early Modern Urban History. He served as Director of the Wirth Institute from 2011-2021.

He is the author of two monographs: A Negotiated Settlement: The Counter-Reformation in Upper Austria under the Habsburgs (2000) and Queen’s Apprentice: Archduchess Elizabeth, Empress María, the Habsburgs, and the Holy Roman Empire, 1554-1569 (2010). His current research centers on the study of the imagined political and historical landscapes of the Holy Roman Empire in the later sixteenth century.

Professor Patrouch has held permanent academic positions in the United States (at Florida International University in Miami) and in Canada and has taught as a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna in Austria and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He has also held research positions at a Max Planck Gesellschaft working group at the University of Potsdam and the Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO) in Leipzig, Germany and has lectured as an Erasmus+ Visiting Professor at the University of Wrocław in Poland. Professor Patrouch has been the holder of Fulbright Student as well as Fulbright Researcher grants to support his research in Austria. He serves on the editorial boards of multiple academic periodicals.

In 2020, Professor Patrouch was honoured by the Austrian federal government with the Ehrenkreuz für Wisenschaft und Kunst, 1. Klasse.