HIST 300

HIST 300: Communism in Eastern Europe: Ideology, Society, and Culture

*3 (3-0-0)

Fall 2021

Instructor: Adam Takács

T TR 930 - 1050

Location: TBD

What was it like to live in a Communist country? This course will address one of the most dramatic developments in post-1945 European history: the formation and functioning of modernized sate socialist societies. Focusing predominantly on the situation of East and Central Europe (Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia) in its heyday period (the 1960-1970s), the course will explore the historical, political and economic dimensions of these regimes, and will pay special attention to daily life experience in society and culture. We will be particularly interested in discussing the overarching contrast in the communist countries between political ideals and concrete social reality. The course will be conducted in a lecture format, with regular class discussions.