Christina Bahlo Presents a Musical Journey into the 1920s

11 October 2011

By Katarina Žeravica

On Saturday evening, September 24, the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies hosted a concert titled "His Name is Waldemar: Austrian Chansons of the 1920s" with Christina Bahlo, guest soprano from Vienna and Canadian pianist Jacques Després.

The concert, held in the Convocation Hall of the Arts Building at the University of Alberta, was part of the program and a most pleasant and enjoyable conclusion to the international conference "New Perspectives on the Austrian Enlightenment" organized by the Wirth Institute as well.

Through sensitivity of her interpretation of various songs composed by Robert Stolz, Hugo Wiener, Walter Jurmann, Udo Jürgens, Oscar Straus, and others, Christina Bahlo conveyed in sensitive yet powerful style the energy, atmosphere and flavor of the 1920s, enshrined in the lyrics and music performed not only for the participants of the above mentioned conference but also for other interested parties in Austrian Chansons from the 1920s.