SHS University of Vienna Internation Summer Program 2014

29 November 2013

The Wirth Institute is pleased to opportunity for study in Austria in Summer 2014:

International Summer Program 2014 of the Sommerhochschule of the University of Vienna

The International Summer Program 2014 will take place from July 12th to August 9th. Sommerhochschule fees are € 1,800 which include:

registration, tuition, use of all sports and recreational facilities
(including tennis and windsurfing lessons), and all planned

An additional fee for room and board on campus will be collected by
the Sommerhochschule for the host institution (Bundesinstitut für
Erwachsenenbildung). This fee includes accommodation and full board
(breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the four week program.

Accommodation in a single room: € 1,625

Accommodation in a double room: € 1,325

In addition to our annual European Studies and German language program we also offer a new two week program for the first time next summer.

The Austrian Arbitration Academy focuses on international dispute
settlement by arbitral tribunals.

Detailed program information can be found at this link:

A link to our schedule and the upcoming summer's course offerings can
be found here: