Wirth Institute received donation of materials relating to the "Prague Spring" of 1968

27 January 2016

The Wirth Institute is pleased to announce the donation of a unique collection of materials about the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in the year 1968. The compilation presents reactions and commentaries by Czechoslovak press preceding and following the occupation of the country. This donation of newspapers, magazines and official correspondence was donated to the University of Alberta Libraries by Dr. Stan Teply, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Alberta) and Dr. Paul Jelen, Professor Emeritus of Food Processing (University of Alberta) and president of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences of Alberta. The materials were collected by Dr. Richard Jung, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Theoretical Psychology (University of Alberta), while he was teaching at the University of Hawaii. Having moved back to Czechoslovakia after 1989, he left the collection with Dr. Teply, who asked Dr. Paul Jelen to donate it to University of Alberta. The materials will be available as a special, non-circulating collection in the Libraries. For further information, including a detailed inventory, contact Wirth Institute Director Joseph F. Patrouch. A finding aid will also be made available through the University Libraries’ website.