2018-2019 Polish Doctoral Research Fellow Robert Rydzewski awarded PhD with distinction

09 November 2020


On the 12th of October, 2018-2019 Polish Doctoral Research Fellow Robert Rydzewski successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled: The ‘Refugee Crisis’ – an Anthropological Case Study of the Serbian Part of the Western Balkan Route. The PhD committee unanimously decided to award Rydzewski’s thesis and defence with distinction. This achievement, Rydzewski says, would not have been possible without the people and institutions who supported him in pursuing this project. Among them he lists the Wirth Institute at the University of Alberta, which he says ensured the infrastructural and financial support as well as the “time, space and, no less importantly, friendly environment to write down [his] fractured thoughts and unconnected papers into one cohesive dissertation.”

We congratulate Dr. Rydzewski on this tremendous achievement and are certain his future holds only continued success!