Former Wirth Director Joseph F. Patrouch honoured in Ottawa

Alexander Carpenter - 29 November 2021

Former Wirth Institute Director Joseph F. Patrouch honoured in Ottawa earlier this month.

During a recent visit to Ottawa, Dr. Joseph F. Patrouch, the former Director of the Wirth Institute, was formally recognized for his dedication to the study and promotion of Austrian history and culture by the Austrian Canadian Council and by the government of the Republic of Austria.

In addition to decades of scholarly contributions to the field of Austrian studies, and providing inspiration to generations of students through teaching, Dr. Patrouch served as Director of the Wirth Institute for ten years.  In that time, the scope and scale of the Institute's activities grew, and the Institute's connection to Austria deepened.

At the annual board meeting of the Austrian Canadian Council--held on November 12th at the residence of Sylvia Meier-Kajbic, the Austrian ambassador to Canada--Dr. Patrouch's long-standing efforts were recognized by a medal presented to him by the Council, a national organization that provides substantial financial support to the Wirth Institute and whose mission is to preserve and promote Austrian culture in Canada.


Ambassador Meier-Kajbic also presented Dr. Patrouch with an award, on behalf of the Austrian government: the Cross of Honour for Science and Art, First Class, a medal that celebrates  "...superior creative and commendable services in the areas of the sciences or the arts" and that honours both Austrian citizens and non-Austrians for their achievements.

The Wirth Institute is very proud of Dr. Patrouch and his many career accomplishments, and is especially pleased to see him recognized at the very highest level for his work on behalf of Austria, the Wirth Institute, and the University of Alberta.

Gratuliert, Dr. Patrouch!


Photo credit: Roland Pirker