Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science

Animal Science

Research disciplines include nutrition and metabolism, microbiology, immunology, reproductive physiology, genetics and genomics, meat quality, and ethology to support optimal health and production efficiency in domestic animal species.

Research Areas:

Ethology & Welfare
Using behavioural assessment and technology to understand and maximize the health and wellbeing of livestock species.
Team: Clover Bench

Feeds, Nutrition & Metabolism
Evaluating feed ingredients, precision feeding systems, nutrient digestion and metabolism leading to improved production efficiency, and health, supporting improved meat, egg and dairy products.
Team: Heather Bruce, Doug Korver, Masahito ObaBen Willing, Ruurd Zijlstra, Martin Zuidhof.

Genetics and Genomics
Studying genes and gene regulation to support economically important traits to improve production efficiency, carcass characteristics, health, welfare and environmental sustainability.
Team: Heather Bruce, Michael Dyck, Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Leluo Guan, Changxi Li, Graham Plastow, Paul Stothard, Zhiquan Wang, Ben Willing.

Microbiology, Immunology & Health
Studying major livestock diseases and the effect of diet, environment and management on microbiological and immunological health.
Team: Judd Aiken, Burim Ametaj, Dan Barreda, Leluo Guan, Doug KorverRichard UwieraBen Willing.

Reproductive Physiology & Management
Understanding mechanisms controlling reproduction with application to issues of importance to the livestock industry such as improved reproductive efficiency.
Team: Divakar Ambrose, Michael Dyck, Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Frank RobinsonMartin Zuidhof.