Plant Biosystems

Plant Biosystems research crosses many disciplines in the areas of plant physiology, biochemistry, plant breeding, weed management, plant pathology, and rangeland management. Research programs cover both traditional and new crops to address issues of crop improvement and production efficiency, sustainable agriculture and environmental health, and development of new plant-derived products for health and industrial applications.

Significant contributions are being made in the areas of:

Plant Breeding and Genetics
Conventional and biotechnology driven breeding of crops for improved quality, yield and organic production.
Team: Habib RahmanGavin ChenSheau-Fang Hwang, Gurcharn Brar

Crop Biotechnology
Application of molecular biology to identify, characterize and validate novel genes for crop improvement, with particular emphasis oil seed lipid synthesis and, as well as the biosafety of transgenic crops.
Team: Gavin Chen, Steve Strelkov, Habib Rahman, Nat Kav, Jocelyn Ozga, Boyd MoriSheau-Fang HwangGurcharn Brar

Crop Protection
Understanding of crop interactions with parasites, pathogens and weeds, the mechanisms of these relationships and development of management strategies.
Team: Steve Strelkov, Nat Kav, Edward Bork, Boyd MoriSheau-Fang HwangGurcharn Brar
Plant Physiology
Understanding biochemical and genetic regulation of vegetative and reproductive growth and development in agronomic crops.
Team: Jocelyn Ozga, Gavin ChenMalinda Thilakarathna

Development of sustainable agricultural practices that optimize crop production for crop yield and quality, and integrating plant breeding and development into crop production.
Team: Edward BorkLinda GorimMalinda ThilakarathnaSheau-Fang HwangErick SantosGurcharn Brar

Rangeland Ecology and Management
Improving the productivity and sustainability of rangeland ecosystems with studies in forage production and agronomy, management and planning, monitoring and assessment, rangeland improvement and restoration, and the provision of diverse ecosystem goods and services.
Team: Edward Bork, Cameron Carlyle, Erick Santos, Malinda Thilakarathna