Chair's Office




Heather Bruce Professor and Chair 780-492-2131

Aman Powar-Grewal Academic Department Manager 780-492-1313
Holly Horvath Executive Assistant and Office Coordinator 780-492-2131
Ben Willing Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Programs) 780-492-8908
Wendy Wismer Associate Professor and Vice Associate Chair (Graduate Programs) 780-492-2923

Richard Uwiera Professor and Division Director (Animal Science) 780-492-0107
Marleny Aranda-Saldana Professor and Division Director (Food Science and Bioresource Technology) 780-492-8018
Spencer Proctor Professor, Division Director (Human Nutrition) & Director
(Academic and Student Affairs) 780-492-4672
Cameron Carlyle Associate Professor and Division Director (Plant Biosystems) 780-492-2546
Clover Bench Associate Professor and Program Chair (Agriculture and Animal Health) 780-492-9081
Michael Gaenzle Professor and Program Chair (NUFS) 780-492-0774
Boyd Mori Assistant Professor and Early Career Representative 780-492-6412
Burim Ametaj Professor and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Representative 780-492-9841