Study Abroad

In the Faculty of Arts, we know that learning extends far beyond the classroom. This is why we have agreements with universities worldwide, as well as a satellite campus in Italy, offering you countless opportunities to expand your experiences on a global level.

Would you like to learn Portuguese in Brazil? Or would you prefer learning about European politics in Lille, and then travel to visit the EU Parliament in Strasbourg? You might decide you want to take culture and media studies in Germany, or perhaps reflect on history and folklore in Ireland. If the mention of Africa excites your imagination, you might be interested in studying African language, culture and literature in Ghana.  Or perhaps it's the possibility of exploring south-east Asia and its growing importance in the world today that fascinates you.

Whatever your interests or goals, we have a study abroad program for you.  Spend the time to explore your options. You might be surprised how far your education can take you!