Deadlines vary depending on your program type, but generally run from December to March for programs starting in the following summer and/or academic year. Be sure to look carefully in the Program Finder before starting your application for important dates and deadlines related to your desired program.

TIP: Start your application at least 2 weeks before the set deadline. Early submissions are always welcome!

Program Type

Eligible Programs


Term Offered


Education Abroad Individual Award, Endowed Awards
and Consular Corps Award

February 1, 2022 Summer and Fall 2022, Winter 2023
Education Abroad Individual Award Second Round (Fall 2022 and onwards only) June 7, 2022 For programs going after September 1, 2022 only

All exchanges

January 26, 2022

Fall 2022, Full Year 2022/23, Winter 2023


Killam Fellowship January 17, 2022
Summer Summer Programs 

March 1, 2022 for most but January 18 for Waseda, January 24 for Yonsei,  January 27 for Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and Jyvaskyla, and February 9 for International Christian University and European Summer School in Canadian Studies offered by University of Innsbruck

Summer 2022
CLIC Exchanges January 26, 2022 (tentative)

Fall 2022, Full Year 2022/23, Winter 2023


UAlberta Approved Credit Courses & CLIC funded summer programs February 14, 2022 (tentative) Summer 2022
Internships December 1, 2021 (tentative) Summer 2022

e3 Program
e3 Internships November 29, 2021 Spring/Summer 2022
e3 Coursework - e3 Berlin Online Academic Courses January 26, 2022 Spring/Summer 2022
Internship RWTH Aachen Internship Program (UROP) January 10, 2022 Summer 2022
TU Munich - Practical Research Experience Program (PREP) November 15, 2021 Summer 2022
TU Dresden Summer Internship Program TBA Summer 2022
Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program TBA Summer and Fall 2022
QES Internship Program

January 26, 2022 

(QES applications will open Dec 1st 2021)   

Summer and Fall 2022
Aga Khan University Internship Program TBC Spring/Summer 2022
CME Internship Program January 26, 2022 Summer and Fall 2022
OWL Consortium Internship Program TBC Summer 2022
TusStar Internship Program TBC Spring/Summer 2022
International Work Experience Program (IWE) Please apply 4-6 months in advance of the intended start date
Virtual Internships Please refer to the Global Learning without Travel page for information on all virtual internship opportunities