Credit Transfer Guide

Can I transfer credit for my course abroad?

Use the credit transfer guide to see which courses, offered at partner universities, have been approved for credit transfer to the University of Alberta.

If a course you are interested in is not listed here, contact your faculty advisor for instructions on obtaining transfer credit pre-approval. Your faculty may ask for:

  • Course descriptions of all courses you want to take abroad and an explanation of course levels at the host institution
  • Explanation of the credit/grading system at the host institution
  • Course details, including the number of hours of formal instruction received each week for each course and the number of weeks each course will run

For Exchange-specific information click here.
For Short-Term specific information click here.

For the most up to date information on Science study abroad transfer credit, please refer to their External Science Transfer Credit guide.

Backup Course List

TIP: Always have a list of back-up courses in case you do not get into the ones you want. You may learn that you do not have the course pre-requisite or that courses may be full, closed to exchange students, cancelled, or concurrent with another course you want.