What Will it Cost?

Going abroad isn't as expensive as you think.

Costs will vary by program and destination-however, because you stay registered as a University of Alberta student while abroad, often tuition fees are comparable, or the same as your UAlberta fees. You will find the costs of each program listed in the Program Finder.

You will have to consider additional expenses, such as:

  • housing and the cost of living in your destination country
  • travel/airfare
  • medical insurance
  • passport/study permits fees, etc.
  • application fees

Cost Estimates by Program Type

  • Exchange Programs

    Tuition costs for an exchange program are often similar to fees at UAlberta. Here's a 4-month comparison.

    Stay at UAlberta

    Ludwig Maximillan University of

    Tuition & Fees $3,603.59/term
    $400 - $700/term
    $460 - $1424/month
    $480 - $960/month
    $320 - $500/month
    $270 - $450/month
    $145/term (included in fees)
    $1,000 - $1,500
    Application Fee
    Total $7,123.59 - $11,999.59
    $7,961.59 - $11,201.59

    • Students on a formal exchange at a partner institution normally register in a the EXCH course (15 credits) at UAlberta and continue to pay fees at UAlberta.

    • Fees are generally not assessed at the host institution.

    • For a few programs, students register and pay tuition fees at the host institution. These rates will vary, but costs are typically similar to UAlberta. You will also be registered in an ABROD course at UAlberta. This course is a placeholder for which you will only pay the Student Academic Support fee and Health & Wellness fee.

    Note: The cost for exchange programs can vary greatly based upon the destination chosen and the program duration

  • Internship Programs

    • Costs for internship programs can vary. However, most programs come with some financial support: stipends offered by the host organization or funding secured specifically for the internship program.

    • International internships that are part of a UAlberta co-op or practicum term must pay the appropriate tuition fees to UAlberta.

    • Non co-op or practicum students will be registered in a placeholder course to maintain UAlberta registration; only non-instructional fees will be assessed.

  • Summer Programs

    • Summer programs are generally less expensive than term and full-year programs because they are shorter-only 3-6 weeks.

    • Students pay a program fee that typically includes tuition, accommodation, some meals, and field trips.

    • The majority of summer programs cost between $2,000 - $3,500 CAD.