Global Education Team


Leslie Weigl

Global Education Coordinator (International House)
+1 (780) 492-8021

Leslie is passionate about building welcoming, creative, diverse spaces that make a positive impact on society. With a Master's degree in Intercultural Relations, most of her time is spent collaborating with student leaders for multicultural community building and global leadership development at the University of Alberta's International House. Leslie also designs and conducts an array of tailored workshops on intercultural communication and sensitivity, consensus building, multicultural team building, and embodied approaches to intercultural learning and loves to emcee multicultural concerts and celebrations. Leslie was recognized as one of Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40 and Daughter of the Year in 2015. As a social dance teacher as well as an interculturalist, Leslie believes that "connection" is key to positive interaction, joy, and learning.

Carrie Malloy

Global Education Coordinator
+1 (780) 492-8792

Carrie has a master's degree in International and Intercultural Education. She spent more than 10 years living, working and traveling overseas and is always looking forward to the next adventure. She is passionate about human rights, intercultural communication and community building.