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The English Conversation Club (ECC) is an opportunity to practice your English speaking with the world. Attend the ECC to interact with staff and students from across campus, representing all levels and faculties. Every week is a chance to expand your perspectives through a variety of topics.

The English Conversation Club starts In-Person October 7, 2022.

Every Friday
3:00 - 4:00 PM
Telus Centre: Rm 134
Cost: FREE!


The English Conversation Club (ECC) is a place for students, staff, and faculty from Canada and worldwide to share their perspectives, culture, and viewpoints on a wide variety of topics. A chance to see how your world views contrast and compare to others, and a chance to interact and build relationships with a diverse group of individuals.

We play in and around topics that may not be found in your everyday academic interactions by sharing insights, opinions, and questions. Though the perspectives are varied, the predominant language of conversation is English. You may find new ideas and interesting ways to express them, or you may even find a few new alternative ways to express older familiar ideas.

All levels of thought are welcome; communicators especially welcome.

Each week the ECC focuses on a different topic, chosen by the membership the week prior. The English Conversation Club meets every Friday throughout the academic year.

No registration is required. Drop-ins welcome!

Who should attend?

  • International students who want to practice and improve their English
  • International and Canadian students who want to share and learn cultures
  • Canadian students who would like to engage with international students and staff
  • Any staff or faculty that find this concept interesting

What are the benefits?

  • Get to practice your English and learn about Canadian culture.
  • Share and learn about your culture in a Canadian setting.
  • Practice international communication skills
  • Share experiences
  • Make friends
  • And more!

What Students Say:


“ECC is a safe space to share my perspectives and listen to international peers who often have unique stories to tell. Discussing a variety of topics in English is a plus for international students on the lookout for a chance to hone their speaking and communication skills.”

— Shiva Zarezadeh Kheibari, PhD, Graduate Student, Department of Educational Psychology

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