About UAlberta International

Driven by the University of Alberta's vision to connect with the world, University of Alberta International works with a broad range of international and external stakeholders to support the creation of an internationally vibrant learning and research environment.

UAlberta is committed to offering all students the benefits of a globalized learning environment which will enable them to effectively realize their career aspirations and act as responsible global citizens. UAIberta International encourages and facilitates connections for all members of the UAlberta community to engage on the global scale.

UAIberta International is offering its support to building international activities across all of UAlberta's campuses, and runs a range of programs that encourage and facilitate campus-wide internationalization with a view to building academic success and strengthening institutional reputation.

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Reach out to our Team for guidance, expertise, and support for UAlberta international activities.

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International News & Views

Keep up to date on what's happening in the world of international higher education, both at home and abroad.

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