UAI Statement on International Engagement

The University of Alberta is a leader in international engagement, with a strong track record of accomplishments at home and abroad. International connections enrich our students' academic experience, allow our researchers to excel in their broad range of activities, and build the institution's reputation as a leading global university. We are driven by the goal of developing mutually beneficial, sustainable partnerships for the public good.

In an increasingly globalized academic environment, our university recognizes there are complex political, economic, and ethical issues that arise in the course of our multifaceted activities. It is therefore important that we consider the potential risks of international engagement and how they might be mitigated.

In order to collectively achieve our institutional goals, members of the university are also encouraged to consider alignment with the values and goals outlined in our institutional strategic plan and International Strategy when exploring activities at home or abroad.

The University of Alberta recognizes the importance of academic freedom and does not have policies that restrict international collaborations. Faculty members are free to choose who they work with to build productive, mutually beneficial relationships around the world, as long as they do not contravene any requirements established by the Government of Canada, such as its various sanctions.

To minimize risks associated with international travel, our university follows Global Affairs Canada's travel advisories and provides advice and support for students travelling abroad. Guidelines for faculty and staff travelling abroad are available in the university's Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.

Through networks such as the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities and Universities Canada, the university maintains regular communication with other Canadian peers on the topic of best practices for international engagement.

The spirit of global responsibility and dedication to the public good guides our university through the increasingly complex world of internationalized higher education and research. We are committed to providing an academic environment that is enriched by mutually beneficial, sustainable engagements around the world, while maintaining the safety of our faculty, staff, and students.