Sponsored Student Program

What is the Sponsored Student Program?

The University of Alberta's Sponsored Student Program (SSP) is a unit within the University of Alberta International office that offers a specialized, professional service to sponsoring organizations and their students in order to provide an optimal learning experience at our University.

The SSP links sponsoring organizations and their students with a U of A representative, who will serve as the central contact to provide guidance and support during the application and admissions process, when the students arrive, as they progress through their programs, and right through to graduation.

This unique program offers easy and reliable services and ongoing communications to sponsors and their students, providing them with any academic, social, and practical assistance they might require. The Sponsored Student Program will begin helping students through the application process as early as one year before they wish to attend.

Currently, the U of A works with more than 80 different sponsoring organizations in more than 45 different countries around the world.

Who are sponsored students?

Sponsored students are international students whose studies are fully or partially funded by their governments, companies, or third party entities. Support can include funding for tuition, fees, and living expenses.

The SSP does not Provide Funding to Students

The SSP does not provide funding to students; our office provides advising support to students who have either already obtained or will be seeking third-party sponsorship funding to attend the University of Alberta.

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Other Resources

International Services Centre

The International Services Centre offers advice on immigration, plan a variety of events and social activities, and provide a three-day orientation before the start of the school year.

English Language School

Need to take English language courses before beginning your academic program? The English Language School offers English for Academic Purposes to help students meet the proficiency requirement for undergraduate and graduate admission at the University of Alberta.

UAlberta Bridging Program

The Bridging Program allows students to improve their English skills and earn undergraduate academic credit at UAlberta.

Health Insurance Plans

Students' Union Undergraduate Health Insurance
Graduate Students' Association Health Insurance
Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan


Services for Sponsors

Sponsoring organizations are offered special services for working with the university and tracking student process.

Services for Sponsors
Services for Students

Sponsored students receive enhanced services at the University of Alberta, in addition to the services all international students receive through International Student Services.

Services for Students