Services for Sponsors

Financial Services

We work closely with UAlberta Financial Services to set-up Third-Party Billing for tuition and fees.

Advising and assisting students applying to UAlberta

This includes providing information on academic programs, admission requirements, application procedures, monitoring statuses, and liaising with admissions offices.

Keeping sponsors up-to-date

We provide regular academic progress updates to sponsors as needed, including sending student transcripts to sponsors at the end of each semester.*

*Transcripts and updates will be provided in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Serving as a central contact

We maintain regular contact with both sponsors and students to answer all questions and receive timely communication from the University to ensure all inquiries are addressed.

Helping sponsored students find housing

This includes on or off campus in order to meet their needs. If housing applications are completed by April 30th, students are guaranteed accommodation in campus residence.

Coordinating visits with UAlberta

We can also host campus visits and coordinate meetings with with sponsoring agency representatives.