Global Learning without Travel

Connect to global learning...without the need to travel! UAlberta International has curated these opportunities to globalize your degree - no passport required.

Global learning can enhance your degree experience and set you apart when it comes time to apply for employment. You’ll gain new perspectives and a fresh world view.

There are many ways and levels to get involved, from volunteering part-time to acquiring a certificate embedded with your degree.

Not sure what would be the right fit for you? Explore these options for undergraduate and graduate students to see what suits your interests.

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Explore and reflect on the world around you through these courses, which focus on various aspects of intercultural learning. You can even earn a certificate and credit towards your degree!

Courses with international or intercultural content

Expand the focus of your coursework by pursuing courses with global content. Did you know that the university offers hundreds of courses with international or intercultural content? Check out this list of over 800 courses from dozens of disciplines. If you take these courses, you can also use them towards the Certificate in International Learning.

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Certificate in International Learning (CIL)

Earn this Certificate alongside your undergraduate degree — no extra courses or costs. You'll gain skills and knowledge to connect with people with differing cultural backgrounds. If you enroll in the CIL, you can take a free on-line training in intercultural communication.

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Short-Term International Courses

Add an international course to your portfolio of knowledge without leaving home. Are you craving the opportunity to learn more about another country or culture? Our partners are offering a roster of credit/non-credit mini-courses to provide you with innovative learning experiences while we wait to travel again. Explore our list here, and be sure to check back often – we are adding new courses regularly!

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EXT 300

Through this course, you'll acquire competencies and skills critical for studying, working, and living globally. You'll gain skills and knowledge of intercultural communications as well as develop intercultural competencies and cross-cultural understanding. You'll have the chance to explore concepts of culture and cultural variations, develop awareness of how culture influences values, beliefs, and actions, and gain an understanding of core intercultural competencies. 

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Internships and Volunteering

Get involved with internationally-themed programs. Meet new people, make new friends, and gain connections that will last a lifetime.

We CAN virtuOWL E-Tandem Program 

Participate in a German-Canadian academic exchange with students from one of four universities in Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. Through E- Tandem, you will get to know a student from Germany and exchange information about your home regions, university life, and your cultures.

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Virtual Internships

Internships will help you to achieve personal and professional growth to succeed in a global workforce. We are pleased to announce that you can now complete internships online while still having an international experience. Search now to find the placement that matches your skills and experience.

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English Conversation Club

Share your skills to enhance another students' language experience. Come to ECC to interact with individuals from around campus, both staff and students, from all levels and faculties. You'll have the opportunity to expand your perspectives as we discuss many various topics.

English Conversation Club


When you live in a global environment, you can truly expand your thinking beyond borders to share and celebrate cultural diversity and learning.


Get an inside look at the global workplace. Do you know the differences in work contexts between working abroad and in Canada? Come engage in these discussions during our I-Work! monthly workshops, which culminate in a conference in February.

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World's Challenge Challenge

Here's your chance to change the world! The World's Challenge Challenge is an exciting way to engage in discussions about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the global problems they seek to overcome. The WCC invites student teams to propose an innovative solution to a major global issue. The team with the best proposal wins $10,000 to make their solution a reality.

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International House

At I-House, you'll experience a global environment and have the chance to share your culture with others. Living in this residence with Canadian and international students from around the world, you'll build lifelong friendships that go beyond borders. I-House is a living-learning community dedicated to the development of global citizens and global leaders. 


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Join as a participant or audience member to enhance your global citizenship and learn more about important world issues.

International Week 2021

Learn about global challenges and how they can be addressed through the university's annual International Week (I-Week). I-Week 2021, which is February 1-5, will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mark your calendar and check the I-Week website in January for full details!

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Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights

Explore perspectives on critical issues from around the world. The Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights features speakers who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of human rights. Watch the video of last year's speaker who spoke about the erosion of human rights in Poland and check the Archives for videos of previous speakers.

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Global Goals Talks

Hear from the people in our community championing the movement towards eliminating poverty and hunger, caring for the environment, and reducing consumption. In 17 minutes, they will enlighten you on the work they are doing, along with actions that can be taken to help local, national and global communities achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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