Establishing New Agreements

UAlberta International (UAI) can help guide faculty and staff through the entire agreement process.

Do I need a formal agreement?

Many partnerships work well without the need for a formal agreement. However, if the proposed partnership meets on of the following, you may need a formal agreement:

  • It involves financial commitments, such as a funding agreement or training program;
  • It impacts UAlberta’s academic standards or programs, such as a student exchange, joint or dual degree program, or involves transfer credits; or
  • It involves a statement of mutual interests, such a Memorandum of Understanding.

Agreements that are purely research related may be the responsibility of the Research Services Office to vet. For other international collaborations please contact us to discuss whether a formal agreement may be required.


Agreements can be complex and may require significant consultation and approvals by both parties. The time required from an initial draft to signing varies from as little to a few weeks to many months or even into years.

Contact us as early as possible in the process to ensure we can help you meet your target.

Get Started

To get started, download and fill out a Linkage Proposal Form and send us a copy here. Please note this form is only for internal UAlberta use.