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There are many housing options for international students, both on campus and around Edmonton. Here are resources for finding a place to live, including temporary accommodations when you first arrive.

On-Campus Residence

Living on campus is a great option. International students who prefer living in residence do so because of the convenient location, the organized program of activities to help students build new friendships, the academic support available, and the fact that housing can be arranged before arriving in Edmonton.

There are two types of residences at UAlberta:

Residences at the University of Alberta offer housing for students, based on your year of study. This way, your neighbours will be experiencing the same things as you, whether it's learning to cook for the first time, studying for finals or working on your thesis.

Residences fill up quickly, so apply early! You do not need final admission to the university before applying for University housing! Apply here.

Off-Campus Housing

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a renter

Online Resources

Here are some tips to help you look for accommodation:

  • Arrive two weeks to a month before classes to arrange off-campus housing.
  • Reserve in advance a minimum of one week for temporary accommodation before you arrive so that you will have a place to stay while you arrange permanent housing.
  • Visit the accommodation in person and meet any prospective roommates - If you cannot see the accommodation in person, ask the landlord to provide you with pictures of each room.
  • Review rental agreement details. Staff cannot enter into any housing agreement on your behalf.
  • Prices will vary depending on size, location, etc. and may include the cost of utilities (electricity, heat, water, etc.) in the rent. For example, one-bedroom apartment rentals range upwards from $550 per unit per month. If these are not included, ask what the average cost is in the winter, when it is likely to be most expensive.
  • Sharing accommodations can be less expensive than renting an apartment alone.
  • Find out about laundry facilities and public transportation.

What types of rental accommodation are available in Edmonton?

Edmonton has a wide variety of accommodation available. Here are some descriptions to better acquaint yourself with the options you can expect.

High Rise Apartments Off-campus housing at UAlberta, high-rise apartments
Most apartments have a stove and a refrigerator; some may have a dishwasher. The building may have a common space to hold parties, swim or exercise. A laundry facility is usually available in this type of building.

Walk-up Apartments Off-campus housing at UAlberta, walk-up apartment
These apartments are in two or three-story buildings with several units. A stove and refrigerator are typically included, and you may have access to a clothes washer and dryer.

Suites (in a house) Off-campus housing at UAlberta, house
This is a small private room within a larger house. They usually have a stove and a refrigerator but no clothes washer or dryer. Suites are often located in the basement of the house, so there may be a limited amount of natural light.

Room and Board (Apartment or house) Off-campus housing at UAlberta, room and board
This type of accommodation provides sleeping quarters only, with access to potentially shared bathroom facilities and some or all meals (depending on rates charged).

Bachelor Apartment Off-campus housing at UAlberta, bachelor or studio apartment
Found in high-rises, walk-ups or houses, this type of apartment consists of a single room with a kitchenette, bathroom facilities, and sleeping space. There is no separate bedroom space.

Shared Accommodation (house, apartment, or suite) Off-campus housing at UAlberta, shared accommodation
Sharing rental costs with friends or other students is considerably cheaper than renting alone, but this option has less privacy.

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a renter

Temporary Accommodation

We urge you to book your accommodations before you arrive in Edmonton, if at all possible.

Reservations are recommended for all temporary accommodations. Contact these accommodations directly to make your own reservations. When you do, make sure to mention you are a new international student at the U of A to receive any available discount.

Contact us at if you require additional temporary accommodation suggestions. The temporary accommodations listed below have been chosen because they are relatively inexpensive and/or near the campus:

Homestays in Edmonton

If you prefer to have your housing arranged in advance of your arrival and are interested in living with a Canadian family, a homestay may be a good option for you.

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