Returning to UAlberta

Did you have an amazing time abroad? Tell us about your experience!

Send us your photos!

The Go Abroad team shares students' photos and stories online. Tag us using #goabroadualberta on Facebook or Instagram. You can also send us your photos by submitting a general inquiry through our service portal.

Attend the Back2U Conference

So you've studied abroad, gained valuable international and intercultural experience, and maybe even learned a new language. Now what?

The Back2U Conference is an event designed to help you as you transition back into coming home. During the sessions and workshops you will have a chance to connect with other returnees and past UAlberta students who have launched "global" careers. Come learn how to use your experience abroad to your advantage, either academically, personally or professionally!

Check out Back2U Conference for more information and event details.

Returned Student Report

Share your knowledge and help other students considering education abroad opportunities by filling out a Returned Student Report. Send in your completed form by submitting a general inquiry through our service portal.

Note: Your personal information (Part A) will be kept confidential.

Transferring Credit

Volunteer with EASI

Education Abroad Squad International (EASI) is a volunteer student ambassador program that strives to provide opportunities for students to share and promote education abroad programs and other international opportunities to University of Alberta staff and students.

When you join EASI you'll get to:

  • Connect with internationally-minded individuals on campus
  • Improve public speaking skills by giving presentations on EAP opportunities
  • Promote your country or the country in which you completed a study, work or research program
  • Advise students interested in education abroad programs
  • Plan/attend social gatherings for EASI or incoming exchange students
If you are passionate about international learning experiences and want to encourage other students to go abroad, then join EASI!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

You may also be interested in volunteering with other international activities, such as the Transitions Orientation, Bridges Student Speakers Program, Peer Program or Global Education events. Learn more here.