Exchange Programs

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Each year, the University of Alberta (UAlberta) welcomes more than 200 exchange students from around the world.

Our formal exchange agreements allow students to take undergraduate or graduate coursework at UAlberta, which often can then be transferred back to their degree at their home institution.

If you are interested in coming to UAlberta on exchange, contact your home institution's International or Study Abroad Office. They will be able to advise if your home institution has a formal exchange agreement with the UAlberta and how to apply if an agreement exists.

Admission requirements and application procedures may vary according to the exchange agreement. Exchange students normally pay tuition fees at their home institution, even while studying at UAlberta.

Incoming Exchange Student Application Guide

Exchanges for UAlberta Students

Hundreds of UAlberta students go around the world on exchanges each year.

UAlberta's Education Abroad Program offers students an amazing opportunity for international experiences at over 100 partner institutions in countries from Australia to Zambia. Exchanges typically last either a single semester or a full year (two semesters), with students undertaking coursework at the host institution.

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What if there is no formal agreement? Can I still study at UAlberta?

If your home institution does not have a formal exchange agreement with UAlberta, you may be able to come to UAlberta as a non-exchange student.

Visiting Students (Non-Exchange)