Study Permit Extension

Recent Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Study Permit regulations to consider:

  • Study Permit extension applications must be submitted online.
  • All applications must include the University of Alberta Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number. University of Alberta DLI #: O19257171832. Note: The first character in the DLI number is the letter 'O', not the digit/number zero '0'.
  • If your study permit expires and you have not applied to extend your study permit before its expiration date, you will be able to restore your student status only if you meet the conditions of your study permit and you apply within 90 days from the expiry date. You must not engage in any study or work until your Study Permit restoration application gets approved. 
  • If you do not comply with the conditions of your study permit, you may be asked to leave Canada by an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer.
  • Your study permit will become invalid 90 days after you complete your studies or on the expiry date of your study permit, whichever comes first.

Renewing Online

You can renew your study permit online with the following supporting documents:

  • Passport (include all marked pages that have stamps or visas from any country)
  • Copy of your original admission (acceptance) letter  (only applies to students who will be starting a new study program)
  • Proof of current enrolment  (applies to students who are continuing their studies in the same program)
    • Undergraduate students need to request their enrolment confirmation letter by submitting a request through Beartracks (under Academic Records > Verification Documents > Enrollment Verification).
      • If you are applying to extend your Study Permit after the registration for the upcoming Fall and Winter has commenced, you must include a Verification of Enrolment for upcoming Fall and Winter term courses (for example, students applying to extend their study permits in April 2023 are advised to submit Verification of Enrolment for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 to IRCC).
      • NOTE:   Additional documents may be required. Check with an International Student Specialist to determine what, if any, additional documents you may need.
    • Graduate students need to complete and submit this form to request a letter confirming their enrolment and expected completion date from FGSR.
  • Proof of funds available/means of support (this is usually in the form of the most recent 4-month bank statements of your Canadian bank account in addition to a recently issued funding letter from the person/institution providing the financial support (for example, a parent or your supervisor)
    • You are advised to check with an International Student Specialist if you need to add any additional documents to your application. Click here to learn how to connect with an International Student Specialist. 

The application fee is $150 CDN and must be paid when applying by credit card.

It is important to apply as early as possible since the processing time may take a few months. You can check the current estimate of processing times online.

If you have family members (spouse, common-law partner or dependent children) who are accompanying you in Canada, we recommend that you apply to extend their immigration documents at the same time when you apply for your Study Permit extension. Additional documents may be required. To find out more, speak with an International Student Specialist before submitting your application.

Watch How to Extend Your Study Permit Online

Lubna Ahmad, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and International Student Specialist, walks you through how to create your IRCC GCKey account and how to start your study permit extension application online.

In the video below, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and International Student Specialist, Lubna Ahmad walks you through completing your study permit extension form (IMM5709). Review the instructions on this PDF document on how to fill out certain sections on the IMM 5709 form. 


Study Permit Extension

Get tips on how to apply for a Study Permit Extension by following our helpful tip sheet. 

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