Detailed Agreement Development Process

The following descriptions detail the procedures necessary for completing common agreements. Shared credential agreements have additional requirements and processes as described here.

UAlberta and the potential partner discuss formalizing a collaboration. The UAlberta faculty should:

To initiate the formal process, the involved faculty will need to complete and submit a Linkage Proposal Form.

UAI assesses the proposal as part of UAlberta’s internal relations strategy. Criteria for evaluation may include:

  • Existing agreements within the country;
  • Number of faculties, professors, and students involved in the collaboration;
  • Quality of the proposed institution and its relationship with UAlberta;
  • Alignment with institutional international strategies;
  • Feasibility of proposed activities; and
  • Availability of resources to support the linkage.

UAI drafts agreements based on information in Linkage Proposal and additional consultation with faculty. When possible, a standardized template is used. UAlberta stakeholders consulted may include:

  • Office of the General Counsel;
  • Risk Management Services;
  • Information Privacy Office;
  • Education Abroad;
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research;
  • Registrar’s Office;
  • Office of the Vice-Provost (Programs); and
  • Research Services Office.

Some agreements will require university governance review and approval. Such proposed agreements will require provisional approval by the Office of the Provost at this stage prior to proceeding.

UAI either supports or directly undertakes discussions with the partner to develop agreement language acceptable to both institutions.

Agreements at UAlberta are prepared in English. If documents are received in other languages, it is the responsibility of the other institution or the proposing faculty to prepare and review any required translations. In some cases, a faculty may need to identify someone at UAlberta who can verify the accuracy of the translation.

Certain agreements will trigger the university’s governance review and approval process, including agreements that alter current fees structures, parchment/transcript notations, admission requirements, or create shared credentials programs. UAI liaises with the University Governance office to shepherd agreements through this process, as necessary.

Once final reviews are completed, the proposed draft is ready for approval. UAI will prepare final versions for approval and singing.

For faculty-specific agreements, the Dean will need to show support by signing the agreement. Finalized agreements are then recommended for approval by the Office of the Vice-President (International). If the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) concurs, the agreement is approved and signed.

Parties will discuss which side will start the signing process, or whether a signing ceremony is desired. While UAI provides support for this process, faculties are responsible for sending fully or half-signed agreements to the partner institution.

UAI maintains a database and archive of all signed international agreements. Faculties are provided with a copy for their records.

12. Implementation and Monitoring

The relevant faculty is responsible for implementing and monitoring the agreement. Faculties should ensure that they are aware of expectations, including as relates to program delivery and reporting. This includes maintaining the appropriate balance in the number of students exchanged for Student Exchange Agreements.

With regard to university programs offered abroad including joint/dual degree programs, it is important for faculties to note and adhere to the Government of Alberta Guidelines for Transnational Education.

UAI endeavours to liaise with faculties on an regular basis regarding expiring partnerships to assess their success and whether the faculties wish to renew.