Share the Cheer


Create community and celebrate the winter season!

December 20, 2024 - January 1, 2025

University of Alberta Community - Host International Students

University of Alberta community members are invited to share their family traditions and provide a sense of community for international students far from home. Learn about different cultures and perspectives, share your traditions and cultural background - whatever they may be - and create a personal connection with those whose family and friends are far away.

Host Eligibility

  • current employees
  • members of the Senate
  • the Board of Governors
  • graduate students living in their own off-campus accommodation
  • U of A Alumni

Hosts must invite a minimum of two international students for one dinner/event during the University's winter closure period. 


International students - Be a guest!

If you find yourself around campus during the winter break and would enjoy connecting with new people and sharing seasonal experiences, register to be a guest for Share the Cheer!

Celebrate the winter season with a host family for a holiday dinner or fun activity. Exchange holiday traditions and share your cultural celebrations with your hosts.


How it works

  • Each host will have an event for two or more students.
  • Hosts are responsible for contacting their guests to make arrangements within one week of receiving the contact details. 
  • Invitations should include transportation suggestions for guests to travel to the host’s home.
  • Guests are responsible for informing the host about dietary restrictions or allergies 72 hours before the event.

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