Wellness Check-ins

UAI ISVS Wellness Check-ins are programs for International students to unwind, relax, de-stress and address issues such as anxiety and mental health concerns.

Programs will be organized with UAI’s ISVS team and, at times, in collaboration with other student-serving groups on campus, such as Unwind Your Mind, ASSET, Unitea and more! Programs that will be running in 2024 at Telus Building include the following:

Unwind Your Mind

A mental health initiative developed by Wellness Supports to support student well-being throughout the academic year by creating environments for students to de-stress. By providing these spaces, we hope to encourage students to take breaks in their studies to connect with their well-being. Students will be able to participate in origami, receive exam care packs, create snacks such as yogurt parfaits, read comics, utilize sleep resources, participate in board games, play video games & more! 

Wellness Wednesdays

A drop in weekly wellness session for International students at UAI. Here, students will be able to play board games, card games, Jenga, catch up on sleep, have snacks and/or a cup of tea and unwind and distress. It is designed as a safe space for students and provides an opportunity to connect with UAI staff support, who can assist in facilitating social connections. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in physical activities should they wish, such as river valley walks and city excursions, outdoor sports, dance classes, and campus recreation programs.