Welcoming Newcomers Program: Supporting Students Affected by Conflict

Welcoming Newcomers Program

The David Turpin and Suromitra Sanatani Award for Refugees and Displaced Persons provides financial support to students attending the University of Alberta.

Call for Volunteers

The David Turpin and Suromitra Sanatani Award for Refugees and Displaced Persons is providing financial support to three new students for the upcoming academic year. These students are coming to us through WUSC, directly from asylum countries in the Middle East and Africa. We want to ensure these students feel welcome and have our support as they settle into life on campus and our city.

Show your support for newcomer students

We recruit volunteers each spring -- students, staff, faculty, alumni or community members. We build small teams of diverse volunteers to support each student.

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Welcome students at the airport (September 2024)
  • Help students settle into campus and community life
  • Provide social support

Volunteers must commit their time for one year with the expectation of being in touch with a student a minimum of two times a month. Volunteers are also expected to attend a student dinner or an activity two times per term.

Volunteers must be available to attend the in-person training session between 5 pm and 8:30 pm, on Jul 3, 2024.

Let us welcome newcomer students together!


Certificate in International Learning (CIL) Note

This program does not count for points, either as an intercultural experience or as a co-curricular activity, for students enrolled in the CIL. See this page for volunteer programs that qualify for points. 

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