Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights Internship Award



University of Alberta students interested in work experience in the area of human rights issues have the opportunity to spend up to 6 months interning with a Canadian or international human rights organization or at another organization that pursues human rights initiatives. Students eligible to receive this award will find their own internship opportunity prior to applying for the award. This award is for students who would benefit from practical work experience in human rights education, research, investigation, monitoring and/or reporting.

Funds are awarded throughout the year.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a UAlberta undergraduate or graduate student with satisfactory academic standing, enrolled in a degree program.
  • Applicants may be at any point in their program of study. If the internship will take place following the completion of a degree, it must begin within 2 months of completion of the degree program.
  • Internships must be a minimum of 20 hours per week for 2-6 months.


Students may start their internship at any time of year, but internship months must be consecutive.

Award Value

Award will provide a monthly stipend, plus airfare up to:

  • 20-29 hours per week: $2,000/month to a maximum of $8000 for the internship period
  • 30 hours or greater: $3,000/month to a maximum of $12,000 for the internship period
  • Airfare:
    • Alberta - $0
    • Canada & the U.S. - $750
    • International - $1,500

For paid internships, the funding students receive from the hosting organizations will be considered in determining the final award amounts. The value of the contribution from the host will be deducted from the maximum award value. 

Students with fully paid internships are eligible for airfare.

Students participating in international internships will follow the University of Alberta’s Safety Abroad procedures.

When can I go?

Students can begin their internship at any point in their degree and at any time of year.

To Apply

Secure an internship opportunity and have a confirmation letter from a host organization detailing the following:

  1. Name and description of organization and connection to human rights work;
  2. Description of internship duties;
  3. Weekly hours and duration of internship;
  4. Location of internship;
  5. Payment for internship (if any);
  6. Supervisor’s name and contact information

Applications must be completed by individual University of Alberta students in our online application portal, Horizons

You can access the application for this award by clicking the "Search Scholarships" tab on the top of the database once you've created an account. Once you start an application, you will be able to find your application under the "My Scholarships" tab. Please be sure to follow all instructions and upload all documents required in the application form. 

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