There two groups of people to thank for making the Lectureship such an outstanding event each year. First, our volunteers generously give their time to the event management, organization and promotion. Second, the Lectureship would not exist without the many donors who graciously support the University of Alberta Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights endowment.

With their support, both the volunteers and donors demonstrate their commitment to contribute broadly as citizens of the world by acting locally in their own community.


Many individuals contributed to making the Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights a successful event in the past and many continue to ensure its success in the future. We would like to thank all volunteers who have assisted us in any way and especially the committee members who were involved in planning and organizing of the Lectureship series over the years.


When this Lectureship began in 1998, a bold vision was set to raise $1,000,000, which was met. The endowment fund has a simple purpose: to assist the University in hosting the Lectureship and provide a continuing long-term source of funding.

To make a donation, contact

Special Thanks to the Stollery Charitable Foundation
The Stollery Charitable Foundation created a fund that matched dollar-for-dollar all donations to the Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights Endowment. The University thanks the foundation and all the following donors for their gifts:

Gifts of $50,000 and above
Stollery Charitable Foundation
John and Judy Cosco of Cellera Industries Canada Ltd
Hon. Lois and Ted Hole

Gifts of $1,000 to $50,000
Anonymous (2)
Dr. James and Maureen Bell
Brian Beresh and Patricia Paradis
Hon. Gurcharan Bhatia
Iris Campbell
Dr. Anne Fanning
Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Education Fund, Alberta Community Development
Dr. Stanley Houston & Dr. Venta Kabzems
Lynn Hruczkowski
Hole's Greenhouse & Gardens Limited
Hon. Sheila Greckol
Anne Kirkpatrick
Jerry and V. Gail Korpan
Kim and Linda MacKenzie
Eric McCuaig
Catherine Miller & Leonard Dolgoy
Andrea Morris
John and Barbara Poole
Prof. Linda C. Reif and Dr. Carl E. Ley
Dr. Eric and Elexis Schloss
Syncrude Canada Limited
William and Betty Lou Weir

Gifts to $1,000
Anonymous (6)
Grace Aplin
Salima Bandali
Ailwin Boulet
Brenda Cameron
Corrine Cameron
Dr. Raeleen Cherry
A. Joan Crawford
Dr. John Der
Louis and Marcelle Desrochers
Kathleen Dier
Peggy Anne Field
Dr. Ehor Gauk
Dr. Jody Ginsberg
Dr. Thomas Greidanus
Dr. Donald and Patricia Groot
Nancy Hannemann
Dr. Patrick Heslip
Judith Hibberd
Graham Hicks
William Horwitz
Hon. Lionel Jones
D. C. L. (Larry) Judge
Dr. Tsvi Kahana
Dr. William H. Lakey
Dr. Zaheerali Lakhani
Joseph Lee Son
Lorraine MacKintosh
Dr. Vicki Mather
Dr. James McCaffery
Maryon McClary
Marjorie McLaughlin
Dr. Lilly Miedzinski
John & Maggie Mitchell Family Fund
Dr. Dennis Modry
Dr. Terry Moore
Dr. Gordon Mowat
John O'Neill
William and Patricia Page
Susan Peirce
Jane Potentier-Neal
Ramsey Management & Consulting Co Limited
Dr. Yasmin Rashid
Robert Schmidt
Dr. Gordon Searles
Dr. Gurdip Sidhu
Dr. Colin Soskolne
Dr. Brian Sproule
Hon. Doreen Sulyma
Emil Treichel
Dr. Lorne Tyrrell
Dr. Peter and Mary Anne Venner
Dr. Lorne B Warneke
Douglas Weir
Tom and Jo'Anne Wispinski
Blaine Woodall