Looking for a research topic? Look no further!

Photo of a student in winter, mounting research equipment on a treeOur research station provides easy access to the Miquelon and Cooking Lake regions, along with the broader aspen parkland and boreal forest regions.

With full accommodation and access to lab space, the observatory, and research equipment, the station is a perfect place to carry out any project.

Whether you are interested in topics of biodiversity, astronomy, recreation, ecology, health, management, or more, we have a place for you.

If you wish to learn more about the primary goals and research questions of the station, you can check out our Mission and Goals page.


Recent Research

Graduate & Undergraduate Projects

A student researcher looking through a microscope
Photo: Glynnis Hood

Structure and Stability of Microbial Assemblages in Seasonal Lake Ice: Miquelon Lake, Alberta, Canada - Bramucci, Anna; University of Alberta

Natural history of the Plains garter snake (Thamnophis radix) at the northern limit of its range in Alberta, Canada - Tuttle, Krysia; University of Victoria

Linking aquatic and terrestrial environments: can beaver canals serve as movement corridors for pond-breeding amphibians? - Nils Anderson; University of Alberta

Population Trends and Nesting Habitat of Nocturnal Owls in and around Miquelon Lake Provincial Park - Taylor Woolley; University of Alberta

Visitor perceptions of the outcomes of personal interpretation in Alberta's provincial parks - Katelynn Cook; University of Alberta

The influence of Beaver channels on winter habitat selection and movement of small mammals in boreal wetlands - Wyatt Beach; University of Alberta

Native plant recovery from wetland disturbances - Howard, Renee; Western University

Augustana Faculty-led Research

Glynnis Hood, Glen Hvenegaard, and Anne McIntosh: Ecological Sustainability in Rural Landscapes: a Case Study of Beaver County

Glen Hvenegaard and Elizabeth Halpenny: Interpretation outcomes Matching goals and outcomes of park interpretation using the Theory of Planned Behaviour: A case study of Alberta's Provincial Parks

Glynnis Hood: Ecosystem Engineering and Landscape Connectivity influenced by beavers

Glynnis Hood: Mitigating Human Beaver Conflicts

Other Research

Chris Herd (University of Alberta (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Tracking fireballs and meteors with a system of all-sky cameras.

Renee Howard (Western University): Plant productivity and wetland restoration