Mission & Goals

Measuring a small resident of the Park
Photo: Dee Patriquin

Mission Statement

The mission of the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS) is to promote research, enhance teaching, and develop partnerships for sustainability.


A photo of a student wading through pond water
Photo: Glynnis Hood
  • Encourage research collaboration with Alberta Parks and focus on priority areas identified in their Science Strategy.
  • Link social, natural, and health sciences under the label of "Sustainability Sciences", with a focus on rural and environmental sustainability.
  • Assess how environmental, social, health, and agricultural domains intersect and affect each other in increasingly industrialized, urbanized, and ecologically sensitive landscapes.
  • Provide learning and education opportunities that better prepare students and professionals to work in a broad spectrum of areas, including biodiversity, recreation, astronomy, ecological function, habitat health, management, and public policy.
  • Develop partnerships with a variety of organizations to promote sustainability in the region.