About Miquelon

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park is a small park located close to Edmonton. It offers many recreational opportunities, including overnight camping, day-use facilities, hiking trails, canoeing, interpretive programming, winter activities, and more.

Recent coverage of the research station and the Beaver Hills Biosphere. Research Station coverage goes from 4:49 to 6:52.

The Park is located within the Beaver Hills Biosphere, between Alberta's Aspen Parkland and Boreal Forest subregions. The Biosphere supports a rich mosaic of ecosystems including forests, wetlands, and grasslands. In addition to being protected as a Provincial Park, Miquelon Lake is also classified as an Important Bird Area, and is part of the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve.

The surrounding rural land is used for agriculture, residences, and oil and gas. The park also receives high usage from several nearby urban centres. This leads to a complex and dynamic setting for research and learning, and a great resource to study intersections between human activities and the natural environment.


There are many wildlife species that live in the Miquelon area including boreal forest species like moose and bear, as well as parkland species like mule deer and ruffed grouse. Waterfowl and wetland songbirds are also plentiful.

A blue jay perched on a branch
A porcupine in winter
A wood pecker working on a tree
Photo of 2 waterfowl at their nest in the water
Photos by Petr Mirejovsky