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About Us

At the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus in Camrose, we help prepare students to live—not merely to make a living. Our liberal arts and sciences mandate promises an innovative, experience-based, and life-changing education.

Dean's Welcome

A portrait of Dean Demetres Tryphonopoulos

On behalf of my colleagues at Augustana Campus, University of Alberta, I wish to welcome you to our faculty and to introduce you to the innovative, interdisciplinary and novel range of programs we offer. 

As an undergraduate liberal arts and science campus, Augustana is as singular as it is distinct: over its long history, Augustana has come to enjoy a place of pride and innovation in Camrose and the surrounding community as well as within the University of Alberta.

Augustana’s mission calls for students, faculty and staff to work together so that students may have an opportunity to discover their calling and build the foundation for a successful life, a satisfying career and engaged citizenship. Here at Augustana, we are intent on helping students become well equipped for the challenges of the 21st century — and, moreover, become influential voices and leaders in their chosen fields and communities. 

I’m thrilled to be working at one of the top universities in Canada and to have the opportunity to collaborate with an excellent and dedicated group of colleagues in undertaking a series of curricular exercises that promise to transform Augustana and make its programs more competitive and better designed — all in the interest of serving our students’ educational needs and aspirations.

Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos
Dean & Executive Officer, Augustana Campus

Who we are

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a unique undergraduate education through a project-based core and a variety of multidisciplinary majors and professional programs.

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Our Identity

Augustana welcomes students from all walks of life to participate in a learning experience that blends theory with practice and encourages active engagement with each other and our environments. We prepare and educate students for life.

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What we do

Students at Augustana are encouraged to be creative and critical thinkers and to collaborate across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The 3-11 Calendar

Traditional Calendars

14 weeks
14 weeks

Traditional calendars have students taking five courses at the same time for 14 weeks.

Our Calendar

11 weeks
11 weeks

Our calendar has a three week “block” allowing students to focus on a single course while potentially travelling or taking part in an experiential learning opportunity. This is followed by an 11 week “session” taught in a more traditional style.

Augustana's Project-Based Core

Our project-based core gives students the chance to work together, and with community organizations, to tackle real-world problems.

The core is made up of four courses that build on each other every year. Students will have the chance to create projects based on their own interests, cultivating the skills they need to excel in their future careers.

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First Year Seminar

Learn skills and knowledge to succeed at university.

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Disciplinary & Collaborative Learning

Learn ways of working effectively in a team.

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Community Partnership Project

Get real-world experience working on an issue posed by a community partner.

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Advanced Integration Project

Work in small groups to propose a solution to a real-world issue.

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What you'll get

Academic Skills

We equip our students with the transferable skills needed to succeed in their careers in any field in the 21st century: critical thinking, research, communication, and collaboration.


Thinkers reflect and reason through complex ideas and discoveries that move our world forward.


Researchers find and assemble ideas that enable us to explore new possibilities.


Communicators convey ideas confidently and strategically in ways that connect to their audiences.


Collaborators engage with, support, and motivate others to develop constructive and creative ideas.

A University of Alberta degree

Graduating from Augustana will give graduates a robust undergraduate degree from one of the top five universities in Canada. The UofA is:

  • the #4 research-based university in Canada.
  • the #2 in graduate employment in Canada.
  • in the top 150 universities in the world.

How we support your journey

Teaching and learning are promoted and celebrated in a variety of ways at Augustana. Consider the teaching awards and learning awards that Augustana bestows on its outstanding teachers and students.

A photo of Arnold Gihozo

2021 Augustana Convocation Spotlight

Congratulations to Arnold Gihozo, winner of the 2021 Mark Chytracek Leadership Award.

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A photo of Ardelle Ries

Professor Ardelle Ries honourary membership

Augustana Professor and Director of Music Ardelle Ries was named an honourary member of the Kodály Society of Canada in acknowledgment of her outstanding service to music education in Canada.

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