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Regularly Offered Courses

AUPED 180 Outdoor Skills for Work and Recreation.

This course is generally taught in the fall 11-week term and provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge for safe and enjoyable work and recreational experiences in the outdoors. Students will develop skills such as equipment selection and repair, food planning and water treatment, knots and shelters, fire lighting and stove use, and a variety of safety skills including hypothermia prevention and treatment and bear safety. Skills will be practiced during weekly labs. There are no overnight trips.

AUPED 184 Introduction to Outdoor Education - Snowshoeing

This course is taught in January 3-week term and includes a 7-day snowshoe wall tent trip. Winter outdoor skills such as dressing for cold, fire-lighting, and axe and saw use are practiced in advance. Placed-based educational strategies are used to develop a broad understanding of the expedition route.

AUPED 284 Introduction to Outdoor Education - Canoeing

This course is generally taught in September 3-week term and includes a 6-day canoe trip. Outdoor skills such as canoeing, river safety, and general camping skills are practiced in advance.


Augustana generally provides all group equipment such as tents, canoes and stoves. In addition, personal gear such sleeping bags and sleeping pads and warm winter clothing and boots are also provided. A course specific equipment list is provided prior to each course.


Portrait of Morten Asfeldt

Morten Asfeldt, M.Sc.

Research interests: history and philosophy of outdoor education, place-based learning, outdoor education in Canada.

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