Pre-Professional Studies

Are you looking to get into a professional program like law, medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, architecture, etc.? Professional programs like these are programs that require you to have some form of post-secondary experience before entering.

Professional programs are often looking for...

  • individuals who are adequately prepared for the demands of their program
  • individuals who can articulate their skills and experience
  • individuals who can differentiate themselves
  • specific courses and/or a specific number of years of education (though not always! Did you know that medicine at the UofA, for examples, no longer has ANY pre-requisite courses for admission?)

How does a degree from Augustana help when applying to pre-professional studies?

  • our innovative curriculum and core program will help you develop the soft skills (like collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, and communication) needed to succeed on any path you choose
  • these innovative programs and experiences will also set you apart from other applicants
  • here you can tailor your degree to match your interests. The more you enjoy the classes you take, the more likely you will do well, and the more you do well, the better chance you'll have of gaining admission to your desired pre-professional program
  • with opportunities to build close relationships with our professors through your classes and undergraduate research, you can get some great letters of reference for those applications!

Considerations to prepare you for your professional program

  1. What are the requirements (degree, years, courses, etc.) for the school where you want to take the professional program? (remember that different schools may have different requirements)
  2. What areas do you enjoy and how best could you study in that area at Augustana?
  3. Need some help? Contact an Admissions Advisor to assist you.