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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

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Bachelor of Arts

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Any program

Social Sciences

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviour. A degree in Psychology focuses on individual processes as well as the individual in a social context. A Psychology degree can help students who want to work with people by introducing them to the human psyche and why individuals do what they do.

It is important to realize that obtaining a Psychology degree is NOT a one-way track to becoming a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counsellor. Although that is an option for many students who decide to go on to graduate studies, a Psychology degree can provide opportunities in many alternate career areas as well.

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Psychology professor, Sean Moore, and thesis student presenting research.
Augustana students presenting Psychology research at the 2013 Student Academic Conference.

Psychology at Augustana

Augustana offers a unique liberal arts degree. A liberal arts degree includes a variety of different courses in addition to your major. Through these courses students are challenged to question deeply and think broadly about the nature of human thought and action.

Augustana Campus provides an excellent environment in which to prepare for professional careers or graduate studies. Augustana's small classroom settings allow students to learn interactively and foster close relationships with their professors and fellow students. The small city of Camrose also encourages participation in community service and provides opportunities for students to develop skills in leadership and experience in human services. See more in Program Information.

Certificate in Community Mental Health

This is a unique certificate offered at Augustana. It requires specific courses within a student's degree so a student wanting to obtain this certificate must decide to do so by the end of their first year or in the beginning of their second. More information is provided here.

Difference Between a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology

Students have the option to take a major in Psychology in either a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Every course taken at Augustana counts as either arts or science credits. A B.Sc. requires a higher number of science credits, and a B.A. requires a higher number of arts credits. The decision to obtain a B.Sc. or a B.A. also influences the courses taken outside of a student's major. The choice of degree is a personal one driven by interest. Both degrees are accepted for graduate studies.

Admission requirements for a major in Psychology

Current Students: Contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

In this psychology program, you not only receive a superior education, but you also develop a wide range of transferable skills that enable you to go far, explore diverse fields, follow somebody's footprints, or make your own.