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Psychology and Mental Health. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

What is Psychology?

How do people form attitudes? How do people cope with stress and anxiety? Why do some people become addicted to drugs? How do children develop language? These are some of the questions psychologists ask and examine using the scientific method.

Psychology and Mental Health at Augustana

In this program, you’ll study different psychological topics and theories and will be able to understand and use psychological research. You will also learn how to think critically and present your ideas and arguments about psychology in a professional way.

Choosing to study psychology and mental health at Augustana will give you the chance to take a certificate in topics like brain research and community mental health, and spend time volunteering.

Program Information

Psychology and Mental Health is available as a(n):

  • Major in the Bachelor of Arts degree program
  • Contributing Discipline in the Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Law, Crime & Justice Studies Major

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Academic Innovations

All programs at Augustana include a wide-ranging liberal arts Core, taught within our unique “3-11” calendar

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An undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology and Mental Health from Augustana is great for people wanting a diverse selection of careers after graduation such as:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • and many more!

Psychology and Mental Health AlumnUS

A portrait of Rume Dedekuma
Reme Dudekema
Addictions Counsellor with Alberta Health Services

Although unsure about psychology, and unsure about completing his degree at Augustana, creating close relationships with his professors and getting involved in the community led Rume to success both on campus and in his career.


220 - Personality

An introduction to the study of personality. This course looks at relevant research and theoretical points-of-view.


256 - Developmental Psych.

Biological, cognitive, and social aspects of psychological development, with special emphasis on infancy, childhood, and adolescence.


338 - Relationships and Sexuality

A survey of research on intimate relationships and human sexuality from individual and interpersonal perspectives. Topics covered may include methods of sexuality/relationship science, attraction, gender identity, sex roles, sexual orientation, sexual attitudes and behavior, and relationship stresses.


477 - Neurobiology

Investigation of the neural mechanisms that underlie learning, memory, and addiction.


486 - Clinical and Counselling Psych.

Overview of the major approaches to counselling, providing the foundation for the counselling process. The student is involved in a variety of experiences in order to understand the basic concepts of each approach. Issues within the counselling profession such as ethical behaviour and career opportunities are also covered.


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Portrait of Paula Marentette, PhD

Paula Marentette, PhD

I am a cognitive psychologist and my primary interest is in how people think. I use gesture and language as tools to explore symbolic thought in children.

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Portrait of Sean Moore, PhD

Sean Moore, PhD

I am a social-cultural psychologist and my primary interest is in examining the causes and consequences of human emotions.

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Portrait of Rebecca Purc-Stephenson PhD

Rebecca Purc-Stephenson, PhD

I am an applied social psychologist and my primary area of research interest involves how people adapt to chronic illness.

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Portrait of Ana Klahr, PhD

Ana Klahr, PhD

I am a neuroscientist and my main area of interest is stroke. I use animal models to try to understand neuronal damage and identify therapies for stroke patients.

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