Department of Science

A University of Alberta Degree

Graduating from Augustana will give graduates a robust degree from one of the top five universities in Canada. The UofA is:

  • the #4 research-based university in Canada.
  • the #2 in graduate employment in Canada.
  • in the top 150 universities in the world.

Top reasons to study at Augustana Campus


As part of a small campus that inspires close student-faculty interactions, we provide a unique environment for learners and explorers who share our excitement about science.

Our professors and laboratory staff members truly enjoy teaching and define their success by their students' success. Therefore, mentorship, guidance and engagement are primary features of a science education on the Augustana campus.

What's the Augustana Advantage?



Enter with curiosity, leave with a deeper understanding of the world around you and a bachelor degree that sets you up for a successful career. We in the Department of Science of the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus will challenge you but also equip you with the scientific knowledge and research skills that help you navigate an increasingly complex world.

As a bachelor of science or bachelor of education student at the Augustana Campus, you will be exposed to our Science Foundations lab experience, a truly multi-disciplinary approach to undergraduate science education, and unique research opportunities: in the lab, the field or the computational world. Our professors define their success by their students' success. Let us inspire you!

Dr. Peter Berg
Chair - Department of Science
Phone: +1 (780) 679-1514

PROGRAMS in bachelor of science (B.Sc.)

The Science department offers undergraduate degrees in the following academic majors, providing students with the flexibility to set their own priorities. A key advantage of studying science at Augustana lies in our small class and lab sizes, which enable greater and more direct contact with instructors. Furthermore, by hosting five disciplines within one department we actively support the idea of inter-disciplinary learning.

We offer four-year undergraduate degrees in these innovative majors:


Another choice is an efficient five-year degree program offered jointly with the Faculty of Education on the North Campus in Edmonton, Alberta. Pursuing a major in general sciences, you'll be able to select a focus area in biology, chemistry, general sciences, or mathematics. Graduates from this program will enter the teaching program with two University of Alberta degrees!

Program Info


Research is an important aspect of undergraduate science education at Augustana. All faculty members in the Science department provide opportunities for undergraduate research as an integral part of their own research activities. Field, laboratory and inter-disciplinary research experiences are available to students throughout the academic year and during the summer.

In addition to participating in a variety of undergraduate academic conferences, students also present their research at provincial, national and international meetings, and publish with their faculty mentors in scientific and professional journals.

Student Research Opportunities