Department of Fine Arts and Humanities

A University of Alberta Degree

Graduating from Augustana will give graduates a robust degree from one of the top five universities in Canada. The U of A is:

  • the #4 research-based university in Canada.
  • the #2 in graduate employment in Canada.
  • in the top 150 universities in the world.

Top reasons to study at Augustana Campus


As part of a small campus that inspires close student-faculty interactions, we provide a unique environment for learners and explorers who share our excitement about fine arts and humanities.

"Within the university ... you can study without waiting for any efficient or immediate result. You may search, just for the sake of searching, and try for the sake of trying. So there is a possibility of what I would call playing. It's perhaps the only place within society where play is possible to such an extent." Jacques Derrida, 1987

What's the Augustana Advantage?



The arts and humanities provide you with a wide spectrum of subjects from which you will acquire core skills vital to any career you choose.

Employers recognize that a Bachelor of Arts degree fuels an individual’s imagination and broadens the mind, which is key for innovation and thinking beyond the ordinary. Employers look for adaptability, collaboration, teamwork, and communication and critical thinking skills, all of which are central to courses in the Department of Fine Arts and Humanities at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus.

Through our thought-provoking and creative undergraduate programs, you will acquire these work-ready skills as well as refine your research and analytical abilities through many diverse learning experiences.

Dr. Roxanne Harde
Chair - Department of Fine Arts & Humanities
Phone: +1 (780) 679-1579

PROGRAMS in bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Fine Arts and Humanities department offers undergraduate degrees in the following academic majors, providing students with the flexibility to set their own priorities. A key advantage of studying Fine Arts and Humanities at Augustana lies in our small class and studio sizes, which enable greater and more direct contact with instructors.

We offer four-year undergraduate degrees in these innovative majors:

Bachelor of Music in Performance-Based Pedagogy (BMus)

Passionate about music? Our bachelor of music program (BMus) provides intensive study and performance in the areas of voice, keyboard, conducting, or comprehensive (general music) with possibilities for you to explore career pathways in performance, music education, music therapy, arts administration and musicology.

Program Info

Chester Ronning Centre

The Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life is a gathering point within a public university in Canada focusing on a broad range of themes where religion and public life intersect. The Centre seeks to bring to the university and to the general public original contributions that embody the highest standards of academic scholarship.

About Ronning Centre