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A New Look to Music Education for the 21st Century

Beginning in Fall 2021, students can enroll in Augustana's newly designed Bachelor of Music in Performance-Based Pedagogy, emphasizing practical approaches for dynamic careers in music performance and music education.

Please contact an Admissions Advisor for detailed information.

The Bachelor of Music program...

Hilda Lam performing
  • offers students practical experience in private lessons, ensembles and through related performance and choir tour opportunities.
  • is rooted in a tradition of excellence in music performance and scholarship.
  • ensures students have "the basics" of an undergraduate music education as well as exposure to collaborative and cutting-edge approaches which only liberal art perspectives can provide.
  • includes courses in music theory, music history, aural and keyboard skills, and elective introductory courses in conducting and other areas.
  • features small class sizes that create close working relationships with classmates and instructors. Classes provide a supportive, respectful environment for students to explore and expand their personal capabilities.


Tour Opportunities

The Augustana Choir, an auditioned mixed chorus, tours each year either within Canada or internationally. Renowned for its performing excellence, the choir welcomes all students to audition regardless of major and rewards its choral scholars unlike any other university choir in Canada, offering over $17,000 in scholarships annually.


Over $12,000 in music scholarships are offered every year to those demonstrating proficiency and potential in solo performance!

Majors Available

Piano and Voice - for those whose primary career interest is to perform and teach in piano or voice. This major includes courses specific to piano and voice in literature and pedagogy, and provides for a broadly-based music education with advanced studies in music theory and music history. Four years of ensembles (choral/instrumental and chamber) are required. Careers include soloist, chorister, accompanist, chamber musician, and teacher in public school, post secondary, or a conservatory.

Comprehensive - for those who seek intensive studies in an instrument or voice, variety in music options, and advanced studies in music history, theory, and ensembles. This prepares students to enter graduate study in more specific fields such as music theory, music history, ethnomusicology, and popular music studies. Careers include professional wind, brass, and string players, choral and instrumental conductors, arts administrators, professional librarians, and others.

Career Opportunities

The hybrid degree available at the Augustana campus opens up a vast range of career possibilities to students who creatively combine their major and minor programs. Some of the areas in which former students now distinguish themselves include: graduate degree programs in instrumental performance, choral conducting, musicology, ethnomusicology, and library science; music education in public schools; church musicians, private studio teachers, performing and recording artists (both classical and jazz) in Canada and beyond.


Special Admission Requirements

  1. Audition on a solo instrument or voice is required of all applicants to the BMus program. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate advanced abilities in their instrument.
  2. For students who have had some formal studies in music theory, completion of the Music Theory Placement Examination (MTPE). Contact the Fine Arts & Humanities Department for more information.
  3. For students who have passed Royal Conservatory Grade 3 Harmony or equivalent, completion of the Harmony Placement Examination (HPE). Contact the Fine Arts & Humanities Department for more information.
  4. Student who do not have a minimum Grade 6 RCM (or equivalent) skills at keyboard should enroll in applied music in piano (AUMUS 191).