Music at Augustana

Bachelor of Music, Performance-Based Pedagogy
Bachelor of Arts, Creativity and Culture Major
Music Minor

A New Look at Music Education for the 21st Century

Through a student-driven, project-based curriculum, and with projects centred in pedagogy, performance and research, Augustana music graduates will be sent out into the world with careers already started.

Why Study Music at U of A Augustana?

  • UofA Augustana’s BMus program continues a tradition of excellence in music performance and scholarship
    Our broad educational philosophy and holistic approach enables our graduates to distinguish themselves as actively engaged artists, teachers, scholars and citizens
  • Students receive thorough training in foundational music skills as well as exposure to collaborative and innovative approaches
  • Small class sizes create close working relationships with peers and instructors
  • Unique performance and undergraduate research opportunities are available to all students.
  • Superior performance venues such as the UofA Augustana chapel, the historic Bailey Theatre, and the Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre enhance music study and performance

International Opportunities

As well as choir tours, vocal and piano majors have the opportunity to study in international summer schools. Musicology course offerings include study opportunities in Vienna, Austria.

Scholarship Opportunities

Over $20,000 in general music and $17,000 in choral scholarships are offered every year to those demonstrating proficiency and potential in solo or ensemble performance!

Areas of Study

Piano, Voice, Conducting, and Comprehensive Music  

Year 1: Common First-Year Experience
Years 2 to 4: Performance or Comprehensive Stream 

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Music Performance-based Pedagogy program provides intensive study in the areas of voice, keyboard, conducting and comprehensive music with broad possibilities for exploration of career pathways in performance, music education, music therapy, arts administration, and musicology.

Please contact an Admissions Advisor for detailed information.