Community Service-Learning

Community Service-Learning (CSL) encourages students to step outside of the traditional university classroom in order to make connections between theory and practice. At Augustana, students who are enrolled in a course with a CSL component complete approximately 20 hours of service (volunteer work) that benefits the community - most often with a non-profit organization. Students' reflections on their community service becomes one of the "text books" of their course. CSL is offered in a variety of disciplines and courses ranging from Environmental Science to Management to Psychology.

Community Service-Learning continues the Augustana tradition of community engagement by connecting students with the community of Camrose, its involved citizenry, and numerous and varied organizations. Students are presented with opportunities to meet people working in their field of study, gain practical experience related to their coursework, and increase confidence in applying their knowledge outside of the classroom.

To learn more about Community Service-Learning at Augustana, please contact the Student Academic Services Office.